Next up, Country Living, where as Deputy Features Editor, I learnt how to identify food to forage and forage to forgo, how to make YUM chocolate brownies and, while championing entrepreneurial talent in the Kitchen Table Talent Start Your Dream Business campaign, I received my BSME Award - for brand innovation, no less.

And so to Women's Health and my role as Features Editor. Want to know whether you really should be ditching gluten, or dairy? I have the answers. Wondering how to nail a Pilates teaser like Meghan Markle? I can show you. And I'm now a regular female health writer for the WH website.

My diary of contacts has become a directory. So, whether you need compelling first-person interviews, colourful third-person copy, online copywriting, features desk cover or simply that elusive case study, get in touch; I'm the freelancer for you.

It started when I was a child. It seemed no matter where I went, I would always come away with a new friend - that's how I ended up with pen pals around the world and a diary full of contacts. Add to that summer holidays spent interviewing family and friends for homemade magazines and a stint working for local newspapers, and it's easy to see why I chose a career in journalism. 

Proving the adaptability and flexibility of my writing style, I went from SC Magazine (covering computer security systems) to Period Ideas (interior design and accessories), to Move to the Country, Slim at Home and, in 2008, the big break of Woman & Home, where I spent almost five years sourcing the seemingly impossible and interviewing everyone from weight-loss success stories to cancer survivors, high-profile business women, and celebrities such as David Attenborough and Dolly Parton.

My Short Biography

freelance journalist and COPY editor

Emma Pritchard